About me

Hi! I’m Jenna. I have 3 incredible children with the love of my life. As a child, the only thing I ever wanted to be was a mother and I can thank my own mother for that. My oldest son is 7 and I can tell you that I know first-hand how quickly they grow up. I took pictures of everything and immediately discovered my passion for photography. While I was pregnant with my second child, I learned about birth photography and videography and knew it was something I needed for our home birth. My birth film ignited a deeper passion; I didn’t just want to take pretty pictures, I wanted to photograph and film real, authentic moments. Because life isn’t always pretty- it’s messy, it’s hard, it’s exhausting- BUT it’s ours

I soon gained the courage to start my own photography business to capture someone else’s messy, hard, exhausting, uniquely beautiful story When I’m not behind the lens or editing (or cleaning), you’ll find me dancing to 90’s music with my babies, or planning our next family trip by day. By night, I’m on the couch with my husband watching a movie or reading. I love being barefoot, flowers, sunshine, good food, and that feeling you get when you connect with someone.

"I will never have this version of me again, let me slow down and be with her."
- Rupi Kaur